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New Bitmap Brothers book from Sensible Software book bunch

My, what an impressive coffee table collection you have.

Lovely old book maker Read-Only Memory is doing another video game book, this time chronicling the history of the Bitmap Brothers.

The Bitmap Brothers made brilliant futuristic American Football game Speedball at the end of the '80s. It also made The Chaos Engine and Z.

Oh my phwoar.

It was a company at the forefront of a revered golden time of game making in Britain - a scene resurrected by Kickstarter and Steam and mobile devices.

Writer Duncan Harris, he who runs superb video game screenshot website Dead End Thrills - and who also spent a career as a games journalist - will write the book. Darren Wall - the guy behind Read-Only Memory - will beautify it. It'll be stuffed with interviews, game art and stories of this, that and the other that you have probably never heard about.

Production of The Bitmap Brothers: Universe is being Kickstarted now. All the early bird £25 copies are gone, so it's £30 a copy or more, if you want extras.

Read-Only Memory already chronicled the history of Sensible Software and the Mega Drive in two delicious books sure to impress anyone you force to sit around your sofa.

You can take a look at the books on the Read-Only Memory website.

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