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Video: The importance of Pillars of Eternity's first 30 minutes

Choice and consequence, right from the start.

I don't know if you've heard but Pillars of Eternity is a pretty massive video game. By the sounds of it, I'm looking at a 60+ hour adventure and that's great, but it's the first thirty minutes that I'd really like to talk about right now.

What appears (at first) to be quite a straightforward introduction to a fantasy world, very quickly managed to win me around with a series of choices that felt like they had real consequence on both my character and his new friends. It sets up the rest of the game really nicely and ensured that I treated any future dialogue options with an appropriate level of caution.

Spoiler warning: if you're yet to complete the game's first area 'The Ruins of Cilant Lîs', you'll probably want to hold off on watching this particular video.

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