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Magicka: Wizard Wars out of Early Access later this month

New features coming to free-to-play PVP game.

Magicka: Wizard Wars - the one where you fight each other - sheds Early Access stabilisers and launches in full 28th April, Paradox has announced.

The full version will have a new Soul Harvest game mode with new maps, longer rounds and more potential spell-based accidents.

There'll be an update to the Early Access version 14th April that adds a few new things: a new progression system, a revamped in-game economy and a new spell trial system.

Magicka: Wizard Wars is free-to-play so you can try it out now if you like.

Magicka is the action spell-casting series where you combine elements in a variety of ways in order to kill other people or, more commonly, yourself. Wizard Wars is the PVP take on it, where as Magicka 2 - also coming to PS4 - is the more traditional four-player co-op romp.

Magicka 2 arrives 26th May.

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