Magicka: Wizard

Casting spells - and votes - in Magicka: Wizard Wars

Paradox's mad multiplayer game has its own take on democratic development.

It was a while before I discovered proper wizards. When I was young, magic was a benign thing: lighthearted entertainment for early evening television. The magicians made things disappear or convinced you that the card you were holding wasn't what you thought. In Magicka: Wizard Wars, you can cast spells that will make people explode into chunks of bloody meat. You can also drop rocks on their heads, scald them, set them on fire and even have the grim reaper chase them down, surgically removing their soul with one swift swing of a scythe. This is more like the magic of my adolescence - less about tuxedos and tails, more about rage and brutality and burning brimstone.

This is the Magicka MOBA in action

Watch some Wizard Wars in this new video.

Magicka's going MOBA, in case you hadn't heard. Paradox North is taking the brilliantly adaptive, open-ended spellcasting of the 2011 original and putting it in the tightly crafted, super-strategic world of the multiplayer online battle arena. The results, it's fair to say, are pretty interesting.

Magicka: Wizard Wars gameplay footage will cast a spell on you

Magicka: Wizard Wars publisher Paradox Interactive has shown off the first in-game footage from its bewitching PVP role-player.

Wizard Wars isn't due for release until 2014, but you can sign up for the game's upcoming alpha testing phase now, at

The new gameplay footage shows off a number of the game's spells. Fancy freezing your friend with pointy icicles, or calling in an asteroid strike from space? Now you can.

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