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Video: The Elder Scrolls Online looks like this on Xbox One

Plus more videos from Outside Xbox.

The Elder Scrolls Online has come at last to consoles, albeit as a short-term beta test ahead of launch in June. Take a watch of my lowbie Khajiit sorcerer in this Xbox One gameplay and see for yourself how the massively multiplayer Tamriel stacks up against its original incarnation on PC.

Show of the Week, meanwhile, fondly recalls the original Star Wars: Battlefront in the nostalgic afterglow of the unveiling of DICE's upcoming reboot. Powered by good-time vibes from the original two games, the video below ponders five ways the mid-noughties Battlefronts were light years ahead of their time.

What's that? Light years are units of distance, not time? Quick, never mind that and complete this week's set of Outside Xbox video highlights with this damning exposé of the unsporting low blows and cheaty guns brought to fist fights by videogames' dirtiest fighters.

Take Mortal Kombat X's new kowboy kombatant Erron Black, who is dirtier than an unbathed Christina Aguilera circa 2002. He has an entire character variation based on swiss-cheesing the unarmed you with his twin revolvers. I don't know if there's a Mortal Kombat rule book per se, but it's hardly in the spirit of things, is it now.

Watched all the above? Well done, you. Your reward is yet more Outside Xbox videos, for which please proceed to outsidexbox.com.

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