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Threes developer releases "optimistic peasant simulator" Royals

Dev calls it "purposefully difficult and obtuse", "nothing like Threes".

Threes developer Asher Vollmer has released a new game, the pay-what-you-want "optimistic peasant simulator" dubbed Royals.

Described by Vollmer as "an old forgotten game from your youth [where] you can't find the manual," the developer noted on Twitter that "this game is NOTHING LIKE THREES and it is purposefully difficult and obtuse."

The goal of the game is to become a King, Queen or Royal. Starting at age 12, you must choose how to spend each year of your life. Do you want to go all Into the Wild and risk physical peril to increase your hunting skills, or perhaps head to an inn and try to make friends there? Maybe you'll take a job as a bard, which backfired for me horribly as folks didn't seem to care for my taste in music. But what do they know? Surely I'll make them pay when I'm queen.

Royals is essentially a comically minimalist roguelike as you must manage your resources like money, wood, strength, health, friends and property. But chances are you'll make like a Game of Thrones character and die young for some stupid reason. That's the peasant life for ya.

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