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Microsoft demos Windows 10 hologram support

Hololens to support Unity, compatible with all universal apps.

Microsoft has shown off its new-fangled HoloLens headset working with Windows 10 and revealed that universal Windows apps can support the technology.

In a new live demo at the company's Build conference, Microsoft explained that all universal apps will work with the Windows Holographic platform, and by extension HoloLens itself.

An on-stage demo showed a HoloLens-wearing employee pinning application windows around his physical environment and interacting with 3D models.

Universal Windows apps are also headed to Xbox One later this year, which at least suggests Hololens console functionality will also be possible.

Microsoft also revealed a new partnership with Unity to make HoloLens compatible with any apps and games that use the engine.

Eurogamer's Jeffrey Matulef went eyes-on with HoloLens earlier this year and described the demo as "a surreal experience, full of possibilities".

See the device in action in Microsoft's latest videos below:

Cover image for YouTube videoMicrosoft HoloLens: A Close Look at the Hardware
Cover image for YouTube video