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New Age of Empires 2 expansion in the works

From the people who made the Forgotten Empires mod.

Microsoft has announced a new expansion for PC strategy game Age of Empires 2 HD Edition.

Microsoft is working with the people who created the fan-made Age of Empires 2 mod Forgotten Empires to develop the new expansion, due out later this year.

In a post on Steam, Microsoft published a teaser image, below, from one of the new units being worked on: a camel archer. Microsoft said the new expansion includes new civs, campaigns and game modes.

Meanwhile, Microsoft outlined plans to improve the Steam workshop for Age of Empires 2 with the addition of a mod manager in-game, among other things. You can also expect improvements to multiplayer, which is currently split between vanilla or AoF.

Developer Skybox has been charged with keeping Age of Empires 2 HD fresh throughout 2015. It worked on 2013's The Forgotten, the first new official expansion for the Age of Empires 2 universe in over 10 years.

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