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Modders turn 3DS into PC remote desktop

World of Warcraft works - just about.

3DS modders are working on a homebrew app that turns Nintendo's handheld into a remote desktop for your PC.

A new post on the gbatemp forum shows gameplay footage of a 3DS displaying World of Warcraft.

The player is able to control Blizzard's MMO via the handheld itself - but the results are not perfect.

The homebrew app used is still an early build and so suffers from a particularly low frame-rate, something that its creators will improve in subsequent versions.

But, for now, the fact this works at all is surprising enough.

Nintendo will never support such an app officially, but for those willing to tinker with homebrew this workaround may eventually allow you to play games, watch movies and go online via 3DS with the full functionality of a PC.

See the app's early build in action below:

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

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