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New StreetPass Plaza 3DS games discounted for owners of previous DLC

Buy the Thank You Pack for £6.29.

Nintendo has released its two new 3DS StreetPass games with a special discount for those who bought the previous mini-game DLC.

Update your StreetPass Plaza from inside the app (scroll right, select the update option) and you will see the new items available to buy from the StreetPass Shop.

Speak to the friendly shopkeeper (he's a rabbit) and you will see new options to buy StreetPass Fishing and StreetPass Zombies.

Individually these cost £4.49 or come together in a bundle for £7.19.

However, if you own at least one of the earlier DLC StreetPass games then the shopkeeper will offer you the bundle at a lower price of £6.29 (thanks, Nintendo Life).

Nintendo's new StreetPass Plaza Premium upgrade is also available to buy, priced £4.49.

The upgrade adds a new StreetPass Birthdays mini-game, a VIP room for saving your favourite StreetPassed Miis, options to shorten StreetPass greetings and more.

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