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The Order: 1886 now has a Photo Mode

Give an old timey filter to this old timey adventure.

The Order: 1886 has added a Photo Mode, developer Ready at Dawn has announced.

Like inFamous: Second Son before it, Photo Mode allows you to turn off the HUD, pivot the camera around, and capture images of the game's spectacular Victorian environments.

You'll also be able to tinker with the game's colour grading, so if you want to see The Order 1886 in high-contrast black & white, there's an option for that. You can also adjust brightness, lens flare, depth of field and more. There's even an option to exclude the player character, enemies, or everyone if you want to capture just the environment.

Entertainingly, the way you change the aesthetic can be implemented in gameplay too. So if you'd prefer to make the game look like an old film more befitting of the era in which it's set, you can do that (though I don't believe there's any effects for old film stock exactly).

Here's a video detailing how it all works:

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Order 1886 | Photo Mode trailer | PS4