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Bloodborne glitch creates top-down camera

You may think it all a mere bad dream.

A Bloodborne glitch has been discovered that gives the game a top-down perspective, similar to that of the 2D Zelda games or Diablo.

As shown off by YouTuber PaiNz V (via Kotaku), who set it to Grand Theft Auto music as a tribute to the GTA games of yore, this glitch is created by placing the camera to look on top of you while you climb a certain ladder in Old Yharnam. With the camera still looking down on you, walk to the corner of the ledge then fall to the ground. The camera will stay locked in an overhead position. Don't worry, it's not permanent.

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Dying or loading to a new area will fix it, but it still gives us a taste of what it's like to play Bloodborne from a new point of view. Much like Metal Gear Solid 3's original camera, this top-down perspective doesn't entirely make sense as enemies can shoot you from off-screen, but most attacks tells can still be seen... if you squint a little.