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The official Nintendo Switch app is packed with penises thanks to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage creators

Mushroom kingdom.


At the time of this article's publication, the front page of the official Nintendo Switch mobile app had a penis on it.

Why? Because Nintendo just released a stage maker for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and of course people are drawing dicks on them.

Nintendo doesn't appear to be moderating user-generated stages available to download for the brawler, so there's a lot of... interesting stuff bubbling up on the Nintendo Switch app right now.

We've seen penises, of course, as well as humans having sex. There's lots of sex on there right now.

And it's pretty easy to do this yourself. I had Paul Watson, our social media maestro, create a stage inspired by the two penis dude from reddit and he was able to pull it off pretty seamlessly.

Nintendo's stage title filter then kicked in, flagging up "double dick dude". But replacing the "i" with an "Í" got it through.

(Paul would like it to be known that the penises in his level actually swing.)

It's not all penises and more penises, however. Someone's made a Garfield stage. There's a Donald Trump level. There's also a stage with what looks like a man eating a poo while also pooing. And yes, there are Swastika stages, because of course there are. And there's a lot of grim racist stuff on there already. Sigh.

Family-friendly super brand Nintendo will no doubt step in sooner rather than later to clean up after this most messy of launches. I suspect all those who've made penis levels will inevitably get shafted.

Until then, go nuts!