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Disney+ headed to PS4, and hopefully Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Well Loki here.

Disney has said it will bring new streaming service Disney+ to consoles.

The Mickey Mouse maker already has a deal in place to launch the service on PlayStation 4, with Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One expected to follow.

An image shown during Disney+'s official reveal last night included images of all three major consoles.

Switch is perhaps surprising - in the UK, at least, the console lacks any streaming service apps other than YouTube. But in the US it has Hulu, and in Japan it has NicoNico.

Disney+ is the company's alluring new streaming service due to launch in the US this November. It will feature swathes of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic films and TV shows.

Selected content from Disney's recent Fox merger will also be included, such as all 30 seasons of The Simpsons, so you can watch the first 10 and reminisce about how good it once was.

And then there's the stuff made exclusively for Disney+, including new spin-offs for surviving Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, and that guy from Star Wars Rogue One.

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