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You can win Borderlands 3 in-game loot by watching Wednesday's gameplay reveals

But you'll have to wait to September to use it.

Borderlands 3 is set to get its big gameplay reveal this week, courtesy of a whole bunch of livestream events. And viewers will be able to snag in-game loot simply by watching with their eyes (and by installing a special extension).

Those that tune into the Borderlands 3 Worldwide Gameplay Reveal on Wednesday, 1st May (from 6pm in the UK/10am PDT) will be able to watch "hundreds" of streamers playing the game. And those that install the Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Twitch extension can enjoy some additional benefits beyond vague feelings of excitement and light palpitations.

With the extension active, viewers can scrutinise a streamer's load-out, explore the contents of their backpack, or even study their skill tree - which should help give a little more insight into the experience as it unfolds. Perhaps more excitingly though, viewers that link their Gearbox SHiFT and Twitch accounts stand a chance of winning free in-game loot.

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Should a participating streamer manage to find and open one of the rare red chests hidden within their game, viewers will have 30-seconds to opt in to the event. A percentage of those that do can select one of the loot items from in the chest as a reward - or just get one at random.

These items will then be accessible via Borderlands 3's in-game mailbox, auto-scaled to your level (boo), when the game eventually releases on 13th September.

Full details of Wednesday's Borderlands 3 happenings can be found on Gearbox's website.