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Skyrim grandma will be an Elder Scrolls 6 NPC thanks to fan petition

I am sworn to Curry your burdens.

Here's a feel-good story that (thankfully) isn't an April Fool's: remember back in November last year when we reported on the petition to get Skyrim-playing grandmother Shirley Curry into The Elder Scrolls 6? If you signed it - congratulations, your signature (along with nearly 50,000 others) made a difference.

During Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls 25th anniversary livestream, Todd Howard confirmed Bethesda "did hear" the petition for the Skyrim grandma, and that "she will be immortalised in the game". The video also shows Curry visiting Bethesda's studios, along with her being 3D scanned ready for the NPC modelling process (jump to 08:40).

"This means a lot to me, as I would be extremely happy to know someone else was playing with my character in a future Elder Scrolls game," Curry says in the clip.

Cover image for YouTube videoCelebrate 25 Years of The Elder Scrolls

If you're wondering why this is all happening, Curry is an 82-year-old YouTuber with a cult following amongst the Skyrim community. She's particularly well known for her wholesome let's plays and calling her subscribers "grandkids". Here's a short video of her meeting Todd Howard:

The petition was sparked by a comment Curry made in response to video on Eurogamer's Pete Hines interview, in which he stated The Elder Scrolls 6 wouldn't be out for a number of years. Curry lamented she'd probably be 88 by the time of the game's release, and predicted she "probably won't get to play it". Fans then set up the Change.org petition to "immortalise" her in the game, a task which Bethesda was clearly happy to take on.

If only the British government could respond this well to popular petitions.