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It looks like Borderlands 3 PC will launch as an Epic Games store exclusive

And it looks like it's out in September.

The PC version of Borderlands 3 will launch exclusively on the Epic Games store - if deleted tweets are to believed.

As spotted by Twitter's Wario64, a now-deleted official video shows the Epic Games store logo for the upcoming looter shooter. There is no sign of the Steam logo.

Meanwhile, another deleted tweet suggests Borderlands 3 launches 13th September.

Borderlands 3, then, may be one of the most high-profile Epic Game store exclusives yet. Previous games in Gearbox's series were hugely popular on Steam, which makes this move somewhat of a surprise.

In a series of tweets, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford said publisher 2K was responsible for all decisions regarding distribution and platform partnerships, but went on to say, "To me, exclusives are fine when they come w/ advantages and when they are short - say, six months."

Pitchford then went on to say Gearbox has "a very keen interest in cross-platform play" and "Epic's leadership with cross platform support is helpful to our interests there".

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Could Borderlands 3 launch with cross-platform play across console and PC? Would such a feature pour cold water on any potential - or perhaps inevitable - backlash against Epic exclusivity? We don't have long to find out.

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