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Final Fantasy 12 LP farming - how License Points work, how to earn LP, and where to farm LP and EXP fast from the Jelly grinding exploit

How to grind your way to loads of LP in Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age.

Unlike most RPGs, while your party members' levels are determined in the traditional EXP fashion, in Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age your level actually has no bearing on your skills or abilities, and just increases your base stats. Learning new things and gaining access to new equipment is done via your Zodiac License, and requires the spending of LP.

Here on this page, we'll take you through everything you need to know about how LP works and how to earn it, as well has the best place to grind LP in Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age, using a clever exploit and some willing Jellies.

How to earn LP and how LP works in Final Fantasy 12

License Points, or LP, are what you need to unlock Licenses from your character's License Board (the Licenses available on the Board depend on your choice of Zodiac Job for the character - more on that in our guide to Zodiac Jobs and License Boards).

On this board for example, Martyr requires 30 LP.

For every enemy defeated in The Zodiac Age, you'll earn 1LP - it doesn't matter if they took a second or an hour to kill, becasue aside from one or two minor exceptions they're all worth the same. The fastest way to earn LP to open up the new skills, then, is by heading to areas filled with low-level, easy-to-kill enemies and ploughing through them.

Early in the game there aren't many suitable opportunities - there are no areas with quick-spawning enemies, you're a bit of a scrub yourself, and your party is a small and underdeveloped anyway so even if you could earn LP you wouldn't have much to spend it on.

Once you've cleared Lhusa Mine, however, you get access to a great spot for LP farming (and reasonable EXP farming when you're at a lower level, which is a nice bonus).

After you've been through Lhusa Mine in the story, return any time you fancy and head for the second elevated train track area - running up and down will cause skeletons to spawn, and they don't take much killing. They will stop spawning eventually (after around 30LP or so), but if you then move in to the next area you'll find some more, and the cave where you looked for Penelo has another bunch.

Working your way back out will give you a few more, and you should be able to get 80 LP or more in a visit. As an added bonus, all the various skeletons are counted as the same mob type so you'll get a long chain which will earn you extra loot and also unlock a trophy.

Visiting the save crystal will reset everything allowing for another visit, and once you're sufficiently over-levelled for the monsters you can crank the game speed up and gain your 80LP in a matter of minutes, and if you buy and equip some Golden Amulets each kill will be worth 2LP making it even more profitable.

How to farm LP and auto-level using the Jellies exploit

If you're too lazy for skeletons and you've reached act 6 and made your way to the Phon Coast you're now able to make some creative use of game mechanics and gain as many levels and as much LP as you want with, quite literally, zero effort.

There are some pre-requisites for this miracle and it may not work for all your party members. here's what you're going to need:

  • A Time Battlemage with level 3 Time Magic, Break (available from Mait's Magics in Bhujerba after dealing with Lhusa Mines), and either Charge or Syphon.
  • Any character you want to level up needs to have Heavy Armour License 7.
  • A Mirror Mail for each party member you're going to level up (available from the clan vendor in Phon Coast).
  • The Self: MP less than 10% and Foe: furthest gambits (available from any Gambit vendor after dealing with Lhusa Mine).
  • A shield for any character with the Brawler ability - any old rubbish will do.

It's also nice (but not essential) to have either an Embroidered Tippet or Golden Amulet equipped to double EXP or LP gain speeds.

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Once you've accumulated the necessary gear and skills you need to set up your party.

  • Equip the Mirror Mail on everyone, remove their weapons, and disable their gambits.
  • Give a shield to anyone with Brawler to negate its effect.
  • For your Time Battlemage, add the following Gambits: Foe: furthest - Break (Foe: any will also work, but may slow things down a little.); and Self: MP less than 10% - Charge (you can also use Syphon here.)
  • If either of the remaining party members has the Steal ability, give them a Foe: furthest/any - steal gambit.

Now teleport to Henne Mine, head through the exit to the east, head out to the train tracks with the dinosaurs, and enter Junction B from the east, hit the switch and… that's it. Double check that nobody's taking damage and that Jellies are being petrified, then crank the battle speed up in the options, hit L1 to speed the game up, and watch the carnage.

If you want to let it run overnight make sure your PS4 is set to not go into rest mode when left unattended, and check that your controller isn't set to switch off and is plugged in; you may also want to turn off vibration in the game settings to stop your controller running away.

Unfortunately Jellies don't drop any Gil, but this can still be profitable if you put in a minimal amount of additional effort - every 30-60 minutes you'll find your Loot inventory has accumulated 99 each of Water Nethicite and Yellow Liquid, and these two stacks can be sold for a total of over 60,000 Gil to any merchant.

That's it! For plenty more though, visit our Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age guide and walkthrough hub, where you'll find a story walkthrough and plenty of other guides.