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Is FF12 the greatest Final Fantasy game?

Dalmasca Bestersand.

There's nothing Final Fantasy fans enjoy more than debating which is the best game in the series - so with features editor Martin Robinson declaring "the best Final Fantasy is even better now that it's portable" with the arrival of FF12 on Switch, now is the perfect time to get into it ourselves on the podcast.

Martin joins guides editor Matthew Reynolds and Digital Foundry's Tom Morgan to explain what makes Final Fantasy 12 is so special - and so divisive - and why the remaster means it holds up better today than other entries in the series. Spoilers - it comes down to the font.

We also (eventually) solve the mystery of how it's related to another fan favourite Square Enix game.

If you enjoyed Tom's technical analysis, then you can read his appraisal of the Switch and Xbox One versions of The Zodiac Age, as well as watch it on YouTube:

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