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Jesus Christ, look at the Borderlands 3 box art

Holy crap.

It's not often video game box art catches my eye these days. If it's not generic action man looking like he's on a mission, it's a few generic action men looking like they're on a mission.

But the box art for Borderlands 3 did catch my eye, because it's weird and awesome and, crucially, different.

Video game Twitter person Wario64 leaked the Borderlands 3 box art, and it shows the game's familiar Psycho not blowing his brains out - as he has done in various poses on previous games in the looter shooter series - but with three fingers held up in an open palm pose.

The image is meant to depict a Psycho as Jesus Christ, with a buzz-saw for a walking stick and a robe instead of standard Psycho garb. Familiar faces from the Borderlands series can be found in the roses at the bottom of the image. Of course, instead of a halo, we have the Borderlands symbol around the Psycho's head. And instead of the Sacred Heart of Jesus we have a grenade.

There's a part of me that's saddened that the marketers at 2K and Gearbox didn't go for a third blow your brains out Psycho image. I mean, give the guy a third arm to do it with, if you have to! But if you're not going to do that, this Jesus-inspired box art is a great shout. And it appears to tie into the game itself. Based on the reveal trailer, there's something of a worship and holy vibe to the world.

So, here's to Borderlands 3's box art - something a bit different in these most generic of times. More please!

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