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Mojang donates $100K to charity after Minecraft players download charity pack 100K times

"Great work everybody!"

Microsoft has rolled out a new Minecraft map and skin pack in support of charity:water, an organisation that campaigns to bring free water to "every person on the planet".

Mojang had already donated $10,000 to the charity, and then teamed up with Jigarbov Productions to create a new map and skin pack - the Travelling Trader - to raise more funds to support the charity's work. Interestingly, the pack is free, so it won't cost you a bean, but Mojang promised to donate an additional $90,000 to bring its total donation up to $100,000 once the pack had hit 100,000 downloads.

"Charity: water estimates that the number of people impacted by a $100,000 donation is over 3,300," explains Tom Stone on the official website. "So all you have to do is download a great map and skin pack, and you'll help us help a fantastic cause! Every time we call on you to do something like this, you always smash the target in an incredibly short amount of time, and once you've downloaded the map 100,000 times, we'll share the great news on Twitter!"

It didn't take long to hit the milestone, of course.

"You guys are just amazing!" Mojang tweeted yesterday. "It didn't even take you one day to make 'The Travelling Trader' reach 100,000 downloads. As promised, we will donate $90,000 to @charitywater. Great work everybody!"

The Travelling Trader is still available on the Minecraft Marketplace on Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices. Click here to grab the free map, too.

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