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A Hat in Time's next DLC adds a neon-hued underground world and 50-player online

Out next month on PC.

Developer Gears for Breakfast is expanding its delightful old-school platformer A Hat in Time once more. There's a brand-new paid-DLC update - featuring a new world, 50-players online, and more - coming to PC on May 10th.

The new DLC, which has the descriptive (if not particularly snappy) name of Nyakuza Metro + Online Party, is the second to release for A Hat in Time, following on from last year's Seal the Deal. The focus here, however, is on the titular Nyakuza Metro - a sprawling, neon-hued underground world where Hat Kid will join a gang and indulge in her darker side.

Nyakuza Metro will, says Gears for Breakfast, feature ten new Time Pieces to discover, and adds a variety of new features. There is, for instance, a new sticker system, with players able to expand their collection through exploration of the world. Stickers can be used to, among other things, liven up screenshots or deploy as emotes.

There's also a new baseball bat weapon, a new Purple Time Rift challenge in the form of the Rumbi Factory, new badges and camera filters, new flairs, and over 20 new dyes - many of which get an airing in the announcement trailer below.

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Alongside the Nyakuza Metro, A Hat in Time's incoming DLC will introduce a new Online Party mode. This builds on the two-player co-operative mode (added alongside last year's Seal the Deal update), quite substantially, now enabling up to 50 friends to play together in one world - for aimless mucking about or to clear Time Rifts for a more focussed challenge. There's also a public multiplayer mode where four strangers can see, but not affect, each other.

Nyakuza Metro + Online Party is free for those that Kickstarted A Hat in Time way back when. Everyone else can buy it for £5.19/$6.99 USD when it comes to Steam and the Humble Store on May 10th. The full game, incidentally, is currently discounted by 50% and costs £11.49.

At present, there's still no additional word on whether A Hat in Time's DLC will come to PS4 and Xbox One, although Gears for Breakfast recently confirmed that Seal the Deal will be arriving as part of the game's previously announced Switch port.

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