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Ubisoft investigates reports signature ammo isn't dropping in The Division 2

"Specialist ammo to drop is as rare as finding a Legendary drop in Anthem ;-;"

The Division 2's Tidal Basin update seems to have disrupted the drop rates for signature weapon ammo.

As PCGamesN reports, a number of players have taken to social media and Reddit to report the issue, which is seemingly affecting all three specialisations. They're reporting that despite hours of gametime, very little signature ammo is dropping - and in some instances, it's not dropping at all.

"Ever since the update this morning, finding an Specialist ammo to drop is as rare as finding a Legendary drop in Anthem ;-;", said one Redditor.

Ubisoft has replied to concerned players, thanking them for reporting the problem and stating "the team is looking into the Signature ammo drops". Until then, some are advising that if you return to the White House and switch specialisations there, your ammo will be topped up again.

An easter egg recently uncovered in The Division 2 has ignited speculation that the next Assassin's Creed game may well have a Viking theme. The easter egg can be found in The Division 2's Potomac Event Center, and keen-eyed visitors might notice a number of posters strewn around the walls, all sporting the titled Valhalla (from Norse mythology). That in itself isn't particularly unusual - but things get a little fishier when you take a closer look at the posters in question...

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