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Destiny 2 Wanted Bounty locations and how to get Lord of Wolves

How to complete this week's set of Wanted Bounties in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Wanted Bounties have been introduced in the Forsaken expansion, tasking players with hunting down escaped prisoners from the Prison of Elders.

These involve you exploring Lost Sectors, patrol spaces and even Adventures in order to complete them, resulting in Legendary and Powerful Gear rewards - and even the chance to collect Lord of Wolves Exotic.

On this page are Wanted Bounty locations for the weekly reset between October 2nd and October 9th:

How Wanted Bounties in Destiny 2 work

Wanted Bounties are Pursuits you can collect from Spider, the vendor of The Tangled Shore.

First, they must be purchased with Ghost Fragments; some are a single Fragment, while others cost a handful. Some Wanted Bounties are also gated by your level, so if you're just starting out playing Forsaken, you might have to play onwards before they unlock.

Each Wanted Bounty points you in the direction of an escaped prisoner, who have fled across the solar system. Each one will tell you where they are - whether it's The Pit or Excavation Site XII.

Almost all of these are in Lost Sector locations, with the respective prisoner replacing the end-boss of each area.

As soon as the prisoner is defeated, the Wanted Bounty is complete - but make sure you also open the cache at the end to get a little extra loot. You then have to manually redeem the Wanted Bounty.

Not all Wanted Bounties are tied to Lost Sectors - the more expensive Wanted Bounties have different requirements, while the final one on the list is actually a challenging Adventure which rewards you with lucrative Powerful Gear.

Most Wanted Bounties are tied to the current week's Flashpoint location, and change every weekly reset - so make sure you complete as many as you need before the list changes. The locations are as follows:

Shayotet Partisan Wanted Bounty location

Location: The Conflux, The Cistern (Nessus)
Cost: 1 Ghost Fragment

Location: From The Cistern spawn point, follow the edge of the cliff to the right then follow the main path as it curve to the right. Leap over the white river/waterfall and you'll see the symbol on a square outcrop of rock.

Pallas Siegebreaker Wanted Bounty location

Location: Thieves' Landing, Tangled Shore
Cost: 1

You'll encounter Pallas Siegebreaker as part of the Cryo-Pod Public Event in Thieves' Landing.

Sunless Captain Wanted Bounty location

Location: Terminus East, Trostland (EDZ)
Cost: 1

Location: To find this location, head to the back of the church and turn right. You should see the symbol just outside a ruined subway station entrance.

Zerz, The Unstoppable Weight Wanted Bounty location

Location: Pathfinder's Crash (Firebase Hades, EDZ)
Cost: 2 Ghost Fragments

To find this Lost Sector, enter Firebase Hades from the direction of Winding Cove, and follow the edge of the map to the right. You'll find the symbol painted next to a Patrols quest banner.

Golmuut Wanted Bounty location

Location: Cargo Bay 3, The Rig, Titan
Cost: 2

Location: The Rig. From The Rig spawn point, turn left and run past the open red container.

Now run into the open hanger in front of you and stay on the same level. Head towards the very edge of the hanger (by the ocean) and drop down onto a ledge on the left-hand side.

Be careful, as this area is full of Fallen and this drop can be a little tricky. The symbol will be on the wall just where you dropped down.

Ruined Mind Wanted Bounty location

Location: Ahpix Conduit, The Rupture, (Io)
Cost: 2 Ghost Fragments

Location: The Rupture. You'll find the cave entrance in the bottom-right corner of The Rupture, and the symbol on a rock on the outskirts of the path nearby, with a tree on the cliff wall in the distance overhead.

Varghul, Fragment of Oryx Wanted Bounty location

Location: Cavern of Souls, The Sludge, EDZ
Cost: 2

This symbol can be found in the middle of The Sludge. Look for a warehouse type building on a hill. This area is crawling with Red Cabal, so take out the Phalanx's, Legionnaires and Psions before heading to direction show on the map (see screenshot). The symbol will be above the door.

Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing Wanted Bounty location

Location: Sanctum of Bones, The Rupture (Nessus)
Cost: 3 Ghost Fragments

Location: The Rupture. From the spawn point in The Rupture, head forwards through the rock outcroppings and you'll find the Lost Sector sign on a square jut of rock at the bottom of a small hill.

Devourer Darg Wanted Bounty location

Location: Skydock IV, Sunken Isles, EDZ
Cost: 3

Finding this Lost Sector can be really tricky, so instead of pointing you towards the symbol (which is already on your map), we're going to tell you how to find the entrance.

Head to the middle of the Cabal cruiser and drop down to either side. You should see an orange-lit road leading underneath it (see screenshot). From either direction, you should see a group of Cabal walking around on a raised platform.

Take these foes out (they're mainly Phalanx and Legionnaires, then head for the open doorway behind them. This is actually a shaft, so drop down, then turn left. Go through the doorway, then the second, then take another left. Welcome to Skydock IV.

Subterranean Mind Wanted Bounty location

Location: Pariah's Refuge, Mercury
Cost: 3 Ghost Fragments

The sole Mercury Lost Sector can be found on the southern edge of the area. If you are facing south at the portal to the Infinite Forest, turn left, and follow the cliff round until the entrance appears.

This video by VideoGameSherpa has footage of what it looks like:

Irxis Partisan Wanted Bounty location

Location: The Glutch, EDZ
Cost: 4

Irxis Partisan is a high value target that will simply spawn in the Glutch, and not a specific Lost Sector. It'll appear at random intervals, so explore the area and if it doesn't show up, come back later. If you are in a rush, then you can try loading in and out of the area to see if that helps.

Hiraks' Familiar Wanted Bounty location

Location: Siren's Watch, Titan
Cost: 4

Hiraks' Familiar is a Hive high value target that will simply spawn in Siren's Watch, and not a specific Lost Sector. It'll appear at random intervals, so explore the area and if it doesn't show up, come back later. If you are in a rush, then you can try loading in and out of the area to see if that helps.

Splendid Mind Wanted Bounty location

Location: Glade of Echoes, Nessus
Cost: 4 Ghost Fragments

Splended Mindis a high value target that will simply spawn in Glade of Echoes, and not a specific Lost Sector. It'll appear at random intervals, so explore the area and if it doesn't show up, come back later. If you are in a rush, then you can try loading in and out of the area to see if that helps.

This video by Gamers Heroes has footage of what it looks like:

Gravetide Summoner Wanted Bounty location

Location: The Rig, Titan
Cost: 5
Reward: Powerful Gear

Gravetide Summoner is an Adventure that appears on Titan. It's a 540 recommended activity, so make sure you are levelled up as much as possible before taking it on, or have a fire team - it'll appear on your director once you've purchased the Bounty from Spider.

Here's a video by 360GameTV on how to beat it:

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How to get Lord of Wolves in Destiny 2

Lord of Wolves is an Exotic Shotgun added as part of the Forsaken expansion. Like other certain Exotic weapons, it's not part of the regular pool of Exotics you can get from activity rewards or opening Engrams.

Instead, Lord of Wolves is found by completing Wanted Bounties. Your chances are low, but keep handing them in, and it should drop eventually.

It has some unique perks - Shrapnel Launcher and Release the Wolves - which is detailed by Arekkz in the video above.

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