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Fortnite fans finally make progress in puzzling rune event

Vaulty towers.

Fortnite's puzzling rune event is proving tough for fans to figure out - although, last night, there appeared to have been a breakthrough.

The event began last week, when Fortnite's beautiful Loot Lake location (and final resting place of Kevin the Cube) was ripped up by excavation vehicles. A metal vault door was revealed.

The vault is currently locked tight, but slots for four runestones sit around its edge. The first stone appeared shortly after, and simply required players damage it to make it move across the map and slot in place.

The rune just plugged in. from r/FortNiteBR

The second runestone is proving more difficult. Three coloured lasers have appeared on the map which must be struck with a pickaxe to angle them towards Loot Lake. Fans think that the runestone will only move closer when all three lasers are aligned - which requires some more complicated teamwork. Here's a map, courtesy of reddit user ImRubic:

Thankfully not a fidget spinner.

Last night, Fortnite fan Wauwaiiiiiii commented on the fact each rune may represent the method required to move each runestone. It's a theory which has found traction - the first rune looks like a runestone being damaged by a pickaxe, and the second shows the three coloured lasers. But it's unclear what tasks the remaining two runes represent.

Fortnite fans are still puzzling over what all of this will result in - what is in the vault? The theme of this Fortnite season has been one of discovery and treasure - maybe the first person in will get a wad of cash?

More likely, with less than two weeks until the current season ends, the rune event ties into another map changing calamity. It's notable the Fortnite map's new volcano area began ominously emitting a plume of smoke once the first rune was locked in. Could the vault act as a hiding place for players from an upcoming eruption? With players ensconced inside, could Epic quickly change the game map into its next season design on the fly?

Whatever it is, Fortnite fans still have a ways to go to get there. Although - small tip - you can interact with the runestones in any mode, including Playground, which is a safer place to help with the event than doing so while getting shot.

Elsewhere, another Fortnite Avengers crossover event is coming this week. The return of Thanos is almost certain, but will we see some Avengers skins?

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