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What do we want from PS5 and the next Xbox?

Our next-gen wishlist and predictions.

It was no secret both PlayStation and Microsoft were working on new consoles, but it was Sony who was the first to release concrete details of its next system - for what we assume will be called the PlayStation 5.

Join guides editor and host Matthew Reynolds, deputy editor Wesley Yin-Poole, staff writer Chris Tapsell and Digital Foundry's Tom Morgan as they discuss what the PS5 specs tell us and what they want to see from next-gen - plus predictions for games and the next Xbox's name for good measure.

Once you've enjoyed our many very funny ray tracing jokes, you can see what the fuss is all about with Digital Foundry's Minecraft video below - as mentioned by Tom in the podcast - as well as Digital Foundry's early assessment of the PS5's confirmed feature set.

Cover image for YouTube videoMinecraft Ray Tracing Live Play: A Path Traced Showcase?

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