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Petroglyph details more of its "survival RTS" Conan Unconquered in latest dev video

Ahead of next month's launch.

Petroglyph Games has unveiled more of its upcoming "survival RTS" Conan Unconquered, due to launch this May, with its latest development video focussing on some of the key systems complementing the core wave-fighting.

As Petroglyph has discussed previously, the driving idea behind Conan Unconquered is "survival", with familiar base and army management made considerably trickier thanks to the constant looming threat of enemy marauders - which attack in huge, progressively more difficult waves. Once your base is overrun, it's game over, so Unconquered becomes a game of making smart, tactical choices under extreme pressure.

As Petroglyph explains in its new video, enemies include the likes of cavalry units that prowl your base's perimeter, looking for openings, necromancers that can convert corpses into skeletons to use against you, and even giant snakes. However, maps are procedurally generated prior to each game, meaning that the exact combination of enemies you'll encounter (along with resources, choke points, and enemy spawn locations) will differ with every play-through, requiring new strategies each time.

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Aside from ceaseless enemy advances, you'll also need to learn to cope with environmental challenges like fire, which can spread rapidly if you're not ready to respond, and disease - an inevitable side-effect of mouldering corpses piling up outside your walls for too long.

You'll want to ensure a constant supply of resources too, in order to create new buildings and units (although Petroglyph notes that resources are limited, forcing some potentially difficult tactical choices along the way), and you're also encouraged to venture far beyond your walls - hunting down and defeating temple guardians to earn rewards such as new artefacts, heroes, and power-ups, helping tip the balance in your favour.

Additional advantages can be gained by successfully completing 'accomplishments' as you progress through the campaign, with these unlocking hero bonuses, increasingly powerful units, and more. And, should you reach the end of a research path, you'll even gain access to a behemoth Avatar. Once summoned, these can crush enemy hordes effortlessly - although they have no qualms about felling your own forces too, so it pays to deploy them with care.

All of which is to say that you've a lot of plates to keep spinning - which is a strong incentive to face Conan Unconquered's challenges with a friend, via its full co-operative play.

You'll find a few additional nuggets of information in the video above, and if you're sufficiently swayed into a purchase, Conan Unconquered will be available in both Standard and Deluxe editions (costing £24.99 and £34.99 respectively) when it launches on May 30th.

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