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Conan Unconquered is a new strategy game from Petroglyph

Crush your enemies...

Funcom has announced a new Conan game.

Conan Unconquered is a strategy game developed by Petroglyph, the studio behind Star Wars: Empire at War, Grey Goo and the recently-announced Command & Conquer remasters. It's due out during the second quarter of 2019.

Conan Unconquered is described as a "high-pace" strategy game where you face wave after wave of enemies in increasing numbers and difficulties. To defend, you have to build a stronghold, putting up walls and other defenses. You can summon massive avatar units, too.

It can be played single-player or in two-player co-op, with each player working together online to build a shared stronghold.

Here's the official blurb:

"Similar to games such as They Are Billions, the enemy hordes will keep coming at you and how long you can resist the invasion depends entirely on your ability to build your stronghold and lead your army. Gameplay is real-time, but you can also pause at any time to issue commands and start construction of new buildings. Battles will be bloody and savage with players having to deal with anything from fires raging through their stronghold to piles of corpses spreading death and disease."

You can unlock hero units, such as Conan himself, which have special abilities. Your army is made up of foot soldiers at first, but eventually you'll get heavy cavalry, sorcerers and other powerful forces. You have to train your units and keep them fed and paid in order for them to grow.

As for your stronghold, you have to manage resources such as food, gold, wood and iron to fuel your expansion. You can build housing, temples and barracks, among others units. Defensive options include oil cauldrons.

Funcom has already released Conan Exiles. It's now publishing Conan Unconquered, and is working on a single-player Conan game it'll reveal at a later date.

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