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Fortnite's new Endgame mode gives you Avengers weapons

Hammer time.

Fortnite has at last revealed its big Avengers crossover: a limited-time team mode where Thanos and his Chitauri (booo) fight against Fortnite heroes wielding Avengers weaponry.

If you're on the baddies' team, then you're on the lookout for Infinity Stones. These buff Chitauri health and transform the first Stone finder into Thanos, who's then powered up further as more stones are found. When all stones are found, the hero team can no longer respawn.

Good guys, meanwhile, get to wield Mythic (one per game) Avengers items like Thor's Hammer and Cap's Shield. Last team standing wins.

Here's my guy Fishstick and pals taking on ol' purple balls-chin himself:

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