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Bungie to pull access to Destiny 2's beautiful PS4-exclusive gun accidentally released on PC and Xbox One


For a limited time last night, Destiny 2 players on PC and Xbox One could get their paws on one of the best-looking guns in the game: Wavesplitter.

Today, however, Bungie has said it will revoke access to it.

The problem here is Wavesplitter's status as a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive. Since Destiny 1's launch, every game/expansion/DLC in the franchise has featured a smattering of missions/multiplayer maps/weapons available first on PS4, with a 12-month wait for everyone else.

That everyone else just used to be Xbox players, of course, but upon Destiny 2's arrival now also includes those on PC. Destiny 2's arrival also highlighted how annoying this timed-exclusive stuff was for non-PlayStation owners - as the preceding year's Rise of Iron exclusive stuff only entered loot pools after people had moved over to Destiny 2, which reset all your gear anyway.


Access to Wavesplitter will be revoked via an upcoming "fix", Bungie community manager Cozmo wrote on the developer's forum last night. PC and Xbox One owners will be able to use it until then, after which point it will be left locked within their inventories until its exclusivity period expires this September.

How did this happen? It seems PC and Xbox One players were able to grab Wavesplitter last night via a limited period of time - after the game's latest update hit but before weekly merchant Xûr departed. Xûr sells items named Fated Engrams which drop exotic-quality items players do not already have in their collection - which is why PC/Xbox One folk rushed to redeem one last night and get a Wavesplitter in return.

Clearly, Wavesplitter's release was a mistake - but one which yet again highlights the annoyance of timed-exclusive gubbins in a game whose core gameplay loop is acquiring snazzy stuff.

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