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Super Mario Maker 2 limited edition includes year's Switch Online subscription

Pre-orders include free stylus.

Nintendo would love you to buy Super Mario Maker 2, the expanded version of its make-your-own-Mario game. So much so, it has a couple of incentives to coax your wallet open.

First off, there's a limited edition version of Super Mario Maker 2 which includes 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online - you'll need this, presumably, to download and play other users' levels.

There's not a price for this yet, but you'd hope it includes a bit of a saving on buying the game and a yearly sub separately.

Second, all pre-orders of the game (standard or limited) will grant you a Nintendo Switch stylus to use while tapping away to create your levels.

Digital pre-orders get the stylus too - you'll receive a My Nintendo store code to redeem for one.

All that remains is a final release date - ah! Nintendo has thought of that too. It's 28th June.

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I have to say, I really appreciate this level being created with the UK version of the date.