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Assault Heroes 2 confirmed for Wednesday

On XBLA. In case you'd forgotten.

Assault Heroes 2 is due out on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday and Sierra Online has confirmed a price tag of 800 Microsoft Points. You knew all this, of course, but it never hurts to remind yourself.

Developed by Wanako Studios (still funny), it's a two-stick shooter in the same vein as the first game, but with a bigger campaign, more destructible environments, more exotic vehicles and an extra edge to the on-foot gunplay.

It also has fancier bosses, as you'll know if you've watched our Assault Heroes 2 bosses trailer, which should put up more of a fight during the two-player co-operative mode, which was a "pleasurable romp" good enough to rescue the first game from relative mediocrity.

At least that's what some idiot wrote when the first one game out in late 2006. Whether the sequel will achieve this much will be a question of how it copes with tougher competition from the likes of Heavy Weapon (well, Kristan liked it) and also Mutant Storm Empire.

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