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Sega goes Unreal for another game

Unnamed title picks up Epic's engine tech.

Hold on tight, folks, this one is going to be vague. Sega has announced that it's making another game using Epic Games' rather popular Unreal Engine 3. It's going to be multi-platform, and since it was announced by Sega of America, is probably being developed in North America.

That's it, we're afraid. We did warn you it was going to be vague. We do know that this isn't Sega's first dalliance with Epic's technology, though - it first signed on as an Unreal Engine licensee almost exactly a year ago. Today's announcement simply extends that deal to cover a new game.

If anything, though, this is an affirmation of how quickly Sega is growing its portfolio of games. It's only a couple of weeks since the company revealed that it's got four titles in the pipeline from Japanese developer Platinum and its cohort of former Clover Studio staff, and here we have the existence of yet another title in development being confirmed.

Admittedly, it would be nice to know what the game actually is. Perhaps you could fill this gaping chasm, readers? What would you do with the Unreal Engine, if you were Sega?

("DreamCast 2" is not an acceptable answer, and wouldn't even make any sense.)