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Microsoft claims GTA IV victory

"Gamers prefer the Xbox 360 version."

Microsoft says that first-week sales of Grand Theft Auto IV reported by Chart-Track are "clearly demonstrating that gamers prefer the Xbox 360 version".

In a press release pumped out this lunchtime, the platform holder said that 360 hardware sales had "jumped 125 percent" in the UK, adding that, "Initial feedback from retail in other European countries reflects this great performance across the region."

"Today it has become clear that consumers are finding Xbox 360 the best way to experience Liberty City and we expect this trend to continue, especially with exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV episodes coming to Xbox 360 in the autumn," said Chris Lewis, vice president of Microsoft's EMEA interactive entertainment business.

"Grand Theft Auto has a new home on Xbox 360, and consumers are discovering how our platform can enhance the experience like no other."

Chart-Track has said that of the approximately 926,000 copies sold in the UK in the game's first week on sale, 514,000 were on 360 compares to 413,000 on PS3. Nobody's explained what's wrong with their calculators.

Over 6 million copies of the game were sold in its first week on sale worldwide, according to Rockstar.

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