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Sony doing PSN gardening game

To help you relax.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony will be planting its very own gardening game on the Japanese PlayStation Store on 26th June.

It's called Shiki-tei and it lets you get your fingers dirty as you arrange your little slice of outdoor paradise, according to Siliconera.

You can put things like cherry blossom trees in there and listen to your own soundtrack, then take pictures of your creation and show them around the Internet. It doesn't have any animals, though - not even paper ones with silly names.

Sony is aiming the game at oldies who get a bit tired after a day at work and want to relax. It should cost around JPY 1600, so about GBP 7.50.

Sony Europe currently has nothing to say about Shiki-tei making its way here, but you can always bluff your way onto the Japanese PS3 Store if it tickles your fancy.

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