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New PAL Releases Roundup

Iron Man, Overclocked, Board Games.

Nintendo will fancy its chances against GTA IV with Wii Fit (released last Friday), but in the actual week of Rockstar's big launch almost nobody else turned up to take it on.

The big, hulking metal exception is SEGA's take on Iron Man, produced to coincide with the launch of the film starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, who I saw on the news the other day being chatted up by that bloke off BBC Breakfast who looks like a teddy bear version of Peter Sissons. Apparently she has lots of shoes, so Not-Sissons quizzed her on this. Well done, Not-Sissons. Developed by Secret Level, the game's out on every format in the universe and probably isn't very good, but we'll know for sure early next week when the review's ready.

Otherwise, there's Ultimate Board Game Collection from Xplosiv, which is exactly what it sounds like - backgammon, Go, dominoes, chess, draughts and a bunch of others - and appears to be exclusive to GAME shops in the UK; and Overclocked: A History of Violence, a psychological thriller set in, uh-oh, New York. Probably not the best week to put that out, then, although it doesn't appear to feature dropships or gang warfare, so we'll take a proper look at it very soon.

And that leaves Grand Theft Auto IV. But we're not going to talk about that here, because we talk about it everywhere else.

UPDATE, 14:08: Friend of the website Slimbo points out that there's no Go in the Wii version of Ultimate Board Games. For Ultimate Shame, Xplosiv!

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