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PSP still top of the pops in Japan

Wii miles ahead of console competition.

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Sony has enjoyed another week atop the Japanese hardware charts as its PSP claimed a further 92,000 sales and pushed closer to 1.5 million units shifted in 2008.

Its success, once again, was as a result of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G selling well and holding on to second in the software charts.

But Mario Kart won those, and helped the Wii put around 6000 sales between itself and the DS, although both have sold almost identical amounts this year at 1.24 million.

That is considerably closer than the PS3 is getting to the Wii in Japan; despite its sales jumping from 7400 to 9100, the PS3 has still only managed a third the number that the Wii has in its lifetime. The PS3 did put a litte light between it and its older sibling the PS2 at 7100, though.

The Xbox 360 managed just under 1300.

The full list, courtesy of Media Create:

  1. PlayStation Portable (92,411)
  2. Nintendo Wii (48,796)
  3. Nintendo DS (42,435)
  4. PlayStation 3 (9107)
  5. PlayStation 2 (7108)
  6. Xbox 360 (1283)

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