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Rock Band best for Motley Crue

DLC sales much higher than iTunes.

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Motley Crue has revealed that its new single "Saints of Los Angeles" sold five times more as a Rock Band downloadable track than it did on services such as iTunes or Amazon.

Specifically the band said the Xbox 360 version of the game commanded 47,000 single sales, according to Reuters, although MTV was unable to verify this or give PS3 numbers.

"Saints of Los Angeles" was added to the Rock Band shop in mid-April and costs GBP 0.99. Tracks downloaded cannot be transferred to portable devices such as Zunes or iPods.

Rock Band has amassed around 10 million downloadable sales to date, and has, until last Friday, only been available in the US.

Other bands such as newcomer Black Tide have also felt the benefit of Rock Band, with their single "Shockwave" going on to sell more than 10 times the amount in the game as opposed to digital download services like iTunes and others.

"The resurgence of rock has happened because of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and the reason is because of the interaction with the audience," said Allen Kovac, boss of Tenth Street, the record label-like company handling Moltey Crue.

"The more music marketing people look at interaction with the audience as opposed to only radio or a video, the more lasting the experience will be and the longer the artists' career will be."

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