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Battlefield: Heroes beta sign-ups begin

Go, go, go! Save the cheerleader!

DICE has begun taking names for the Battlefield: Heroes closed beta test.

Scoot over to the official sign-up page to put your name down. There are some terms and conditions to read and a forum to register for, presumably so you can report your bugs and what not.

Battlefield: Heroes is the ad-driven, free-to-play spin-off in the popular online shooter series aimed at almost everyone with a desktop computer - the system requirements have been cut down to suit the masses.

Its cartoon presentation means it never looks ugly - far from it, in fact - and customisation and character-levelling gives longevity for those who want it.

The full game is due out sometime this summer.

Head over to our Battlefield: Heroes gamepage for videos, screenshots, and words on why this could be enormous.

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