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New Eurogamer Portugal site launches

New pin appears in map on office wall.

Following the successful launches of Eurogamer Germany and Eurogamer France, Eurogamer Network has announced the launch of Eurogamer Portugal. It's like Risk, but real life!

The site is now up and running over at Eurogamer.pt. It's being published in partnership with LusoPlay, a leading gaming community in Portugal which was established by Tiago Silva in 2006. LusoPlay will be merged into Eurogamer.pt as part of the deal.

"We were very impressed with the success Tiago and his team achieved with LusoPlay," said Eurogamer managing director Rupert Loman, pushing things around a map with a big stick.

"Their expertise in the Portuguese gaming market and community, combined with the Eurogamer brand, reach, technology and infrastructure, mean Eurogamer.pt will quickly become the leading video game content site in Portugal."

Silva added, "I'm really happy to be part of Eurogamer. It has always been my favourite videogames website and it is regarded as one of the most important videogames websites around the world." Come on in, sir. "It's a pleasure to join the family. We are planning to make Eurogamer the best Portuguese-language videogames website ever."

Meanwhile, Eurogamer will not rest until either everyone in the world likes us as much as Tiago or we're all dead. It's not going too badly at the moment - last month more than 2.1 million unique users paid us a visit. Thanks, unique users! And bem vindo, new Portuguese friends!

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