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More Pirates for the Burning Sea

Two new classes on the way. Well, one.

Two new careers will be available to Pirate players of the seafaring MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea in the next patch: Cutthroat and Buccaneer.

In fact, Cutthroat is merely a renaming of the previous catch-all Pirate class. (Currently, Pirates have only the one option available to them, while British, French and Spanish colonial players can choose between Naval Officer, Freetrader and Privateer.) Buccaneers, on the other hand, are all new.

The Buccaneer is described as a more gentlemanly adventurer than the ruthless Cutthroat, and is intended to fill a support class role in group player-versus-player combat, providing buffs and debuffs to allies and enemies respectively. Unlike the Cutthroat, Buccaneers cannot capture and use defeated ships.

Developer Flying Lab discusses the class in more detail on the official site. The introduction is part of a larger-scale revamp of the game's careers in patch 1.4.

The Buccaneer should help improve Pirates of the Burning Sea's class and faction balance somewhat. We found the game absorbing and frustrating in equal measure when we played it for review, but we'll be keeping an eye on how it develops in future.