Pirates of the Burning Sea

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FeatureThe story of a raiding guild with a PR but no game

Dedicated, professional and putting in upwards of 25 hours a week, Enigma's a tribe without a home.

Pirates of the Burning Sea free-to-play

Yarr might as well try it.

Pirates of the Burning Sea

Pieces of... wait.

SOE MMOs now on Steam for cheap

EverQuest I and II, Vanguard, Pirates.

Burning Sea swashbuckling updated

Piratical MMO gets first big overhaul.

No Station Cash for SWG, Vanguard

SOE item sales stay in EverQuest 1 & 2.

Pirates of the Burning Sea expanding

First word of expansion from boss.

New swordfighting on way for Pirates

Burning Sea to get much-needed revamp.

Pirates of the Burning Sea: free trials

The usual 14 days on offer.

FeatureFear and Levelling in Las Vegas

Eurogamer goes gonzo at Sony Online Entertainment's Fan Faire.

Pirates of the Burning Sea: skirmishes out

"The guy working on it left."

More Pirates for the Burning Sea

Two new classes on the way. Well, one.

Pirates of the Burning Sea

Avast improvement?

MMO patch news roundup

Pirates, Heroes, Galaxies, Tabula.

Pirates of the Burning Sea

Funding terrorism and organised crime on the high seas.

Join Pirates of Burning sea beta!

Claim your treasure/key now.

FeaturePirates of the Burning Sea

Q. What's a pirate's favourite type of game? A. MMOArrrrrrPGs.

Pirates of Burning Sea dated

Sets sail in January.