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Death's daughter to star in Venetica

RPG comes to PC and 360 next year.

German developer Deck13 has taken the wraps off its next RPG project, Venetica - a 16th century romp which rather unusually casts you in the role of Death's daughter.

Yes, that Death. Skeleton, black robe, scythe - the eternal concept of death made corporeal. We're not sure where or when exactly he found time to shake his bones with a willing female, but he's got a daughter, she's called Scarlett, and you're playing her.

Information on the game is a little sparse at the moment, but we know that it's coming out on the PC and Xbox 360 sometime next year, and that it'll be published by dtp Entertainment.

Deck13, if the name isn't familiar to you, are a fairly well established creator of RPGs and adventure games in Germany. The Frankfurt based team was responsible for the Ankh series, as well as the more recent Jack Keane.