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GTA IV on 360 outsells PS3 in US 2-to-1

With more 360s sold, is the gap big enough?

US retailer GameStop has revealed that 64 percent of its Grand Theft Auto IV sales were for Xbox 360.

The figures were given to Newsweek blog Level Up, and show Microsoft with a near two-to-one lead over its rival.

But despite the initial reaction, these results actually point to GTA IV under-performing on Xbox 360, Newsweek reckons.

You see, at the end of March this year, Microsoft had sold 9.9 million consoles in the US and Sony had sold 4.1 million PS3 units. That's a split of 70.7 percent to 29.3 percent.

Compare that to the 64 percent to 36 percent GTA IV sales split and, relatively, it shows the PS3 actually over-achieving.

However, the full US story will not be known until the end of April when the official NPD figures are released.

Here in the UK, the gap between the Xbox 360 and PS3 sales of GTA IV widened this week, rising from 55 percent to 62 percent in Microsoft's favour.