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Buku Sudoku and Warlords on XBLA

Available now. Don't all rush at once.

Buku Sudoku and Warlords join the happy Xbox Live Arcade throng today, no doubt hoping to be spared the indignity of averaging less than 65 per cent on Metacritic.

Despite being several years late to the Sudoku party, Microsoft will be hoping to snag a few more logic puzzle addicts by virtue of Buku Sudoku's "beautiful HD graphics, informative tutorials, multiple grid sizes and new ways to enjoy the game via multiplayer modes" - for up to eight players.

Developed by Merscom, 800 precious Microsoft points treats Sudoku fiends to "multiple themes that allow players to choose the audio and visual environment, over 1,200 puzzles total and three levels of difficulty." It has "something for everyone" according to Microsoft's ever-loving press blurb, though further examination revealed a distinct lack of naked dancing girls. Hrmph.

The second of this week's XBLA treats unleashed into the cauldron of excitement comes in the form of Warlords, an Atari arcade game from 1980 which, lest we forget, was voted the 25th greatest game of all-time by US mag Game Informer back in 2001. So there.

The premise, if you're not familiar, is a multiplayer variation on Breakout, where each player must defend their fortress from fireballs with your shield, while trying to smash your enemies' defences. Playable off or online, no doubt retro fiends will be excited by the news of yet another arcade classic making its journey to XBLA.

Developed by Stainless in the UK, the team has once again produced a new 3D remake alongside a pixel-perfect replica of the original - no doubt featuring the Throttle Monkey mode which lets you 'play' the game at super speed. Available for 400 points, Warlords is available from today. Expect our thoughts on both titles in the coming days.