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Passively Multiplayer Online Game launches

Play the world at browsing the web.

PMOG, the Passively Multiplayer Online Game, has launched what could be the strangest concept in browser RPGs yet (and there are some pretty strange ones out there).

PMOG has been in beta for the last 10 weeks, and in that time has already succeeded in ensnaring several friends of Eurogamer MMO.

PMOG is an extension for the Firefox browser that allows you to play the internet as if it were an MMORPG. You can level up and build a player profile through surfing, leave loot and traps on certain sites for other players to discover, and take missions sending you to the furthest reaches of the internet - for example, find the best sites for rumours about Apple hardware.

Bizarrely, PMOG also features a back-story and lingo drawn from surreal science-fiction Victoriana. On top of this, you can earn badges for completing certain tasks.

Yes, that's right: the internet's very own Achievements. Example: "Indie - for players who go a 24 hour period without using Google."

We'll have more on PMOG on Eurogamer MMO in future. It's just too curious to ignore.

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