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BioWare keen on more licensed IP

Muzyka stokes Star Wars fires.

BioWare bossman Ray Muzyka has said the studio will be creating more games based on the works of others in the future.

He was discussing the ins and outs of licensed IP such as Star Wars versus original ideas like Dragon Age, and told Joystiq "you can expect both kinds from BioWare in the future".

BioWare, remember, signed a fresh deal with LucasArts back in October 2007. However, new owner EA rubbished emerging rumours that a third Knights of the Old Republic game was in development, or that the BioWare Austin MMO was based in a Star Wars world.

For now, the role-playing developer is hard at work on Dragon Age, the high-fantasy game said to be a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate.

Muzyka promised to show us more of this later in the year; Dragon Age is still scheduled to release before April 2009. However, there's still no word on whether it will be on multiple formats, after the developer skirted confirming it as a PC exclusive earlier in the year.

But rest assured that BioWare will "continue to support our fans on both PC and Xbox 360 in the future" by tailoring the games for each user-base.

The developer hatred of porting its titles is evident in the imminent release of Mass Effect on PC, which has a hot-key feature, better inventory, individual squad commands and technological tweaks to avoid lengthy loading times, elevator rides, and texture pop-ups.

Look out for our review of Mass Effect PC very soon.

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