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Too Human demo coming to Xbox Live

Some time before August, says Dyack.

Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has told Eurogamer there are plans to release a demo of Too Human via Xbox Live.

"We haven't announced a date yet. Our goal is to try to get it out obviously before the game releases, and we'll announce the specific timing of that shortly," he said.

"But a demo is absolutely planned. We think it's critical for the game. If things go as planned, gamers should get a demo well in advance before the game's released."

Too Human is out in the US on 19th August, and in Europe on 29th August. So will we see a demo before the month of August kicks off? "Yes, that's the plan."

According to Dyack, they're still debating what the demo will consist of. "The more we put in the demo, the more challenging it's going to be. We're probably going to focus on the first level of the game," he stated.

"We really want people to focus on the gameplay, because the fusion between RPG and action is something really new. You can't really tell what the game's like till you sit down and play."

Visit the Too Human gamepage for previews, screens and videos if you fancy trying to have a guess, anyway.