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SingStar Vol. 2 dated for Europe

This time next month.

SingStar Volume 2 for PS3 is due out on 20th June in Europe, Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer.

The game - the second Blu-ray release in the series - features another 30 songs including those from the likes of The Killers, Eminem, Kaiser Chiefs and Gorillaz.

It also introduces a new harmony duet mode that allows people to do the backing bits in songs like California Dreamin' by the Mamas and the Papers, We All Stand Together by Paul McCartney, and Celebration by Kool and the Gang.

There's also Remote Play support so you can access the game via PSP over the Internet and set songs to be downloaded for when you get home, and watch and comment on stuff on My SingStar Online.

Look out for our full review soon.