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Warriors Orochi 2 to get sequel

It's coming to Europe this autumn.

Koei has announced a sequel to Warriors Orochi is coming to PS2 and Xbox 360 this autumn.

The first game, you may recall, saw the Serpent King Orochi kidnapping both the dynasty warriors and samurai warriors, who ultimately defeated him. Warriors Orochi 2 follows the adventures of a new group of fighters as they attempt to stop him making a comeback.

It'll feature several storylines, including ones set in the kingdoms of Wu, Wei and Shu and one which will reveal some of the Serpent King's secrets. There's also a Dream mode that'll have a separate plot.

Other new features will include a two-player Versus mode with four different types of match, including Tag Team. There will be more than 90 playable fighters including new ones based on characters from Chinese and Japanese history.

The announcement comes as Koei reveals more than 1.5 million copies of Warriors Orochi have now been sold. The game was released on PS2 and Xbox 360 last year, with PC and PSP versions following a few months later. Read Dave's review to find out why he thought it fell a little short.

Here's hoping the sequel shakes things up a bit when it's released in Europe this September.

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